Common Sign In Issues

I'm Getting a Blackboard Sign On Error

If you experience issues accessing eCampus and encounter the following Sign On error message from Blackboard, you will need to clear out your web browser's cache/cookies.

Learn how to clear out your cache/cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

Screenshot of a Blackboard error message that reads: Blackboard Learn is currently unable to log into your account using Single sign-on because the authentication request has expired.

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Am I Using the Correct Web Browser?

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Am I Actually Registered?


Contact your registrar to verify that your course is an eCampus course and that you are registered.


Contact your division to verify that your course is on eCampus and that you are listed as instructor in Colleague.

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I Need Financial Aid Help

If you need financial aid assistance:

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Student Technical Support

If you require technical assistance, you may access our customer service center via phone or web: